Bell Schedule

The bell schedule has changed for the 2013-2014 school year and forward. This article will set guidelines on when a class can meet during the day. As well as how to translate the old periods to the new bell schedule.

The chart below is the conversion from the old bell schedule to new bell schedule that accommadates a  full lunch period.  Please use this conversion table to help figure out what new period should be.

Old Periods New Periods
1-2 1
3-4 2
5-6 3
7-8 7 4
8-9 9-10 9 5
10-11 11-12 11 6
12-13 13 7
14-15 8

Behind the Wheel (BTW) and Constitution Test classes are schedule the same time as the Driver’s Ed Classroom portion.

Also here are the guidelines on how to schedule classes that meet before or after school.  Period 9 and 10 are for classes that met before or after school that count toward ADA/ADM

Any class that meets outside the regular class day that is part of ADA/ADM needs to be scheduled during Period 9 and 10. Classes that meet outside the regular class day that is NOT part of ADA/ADM need to be scheduled during Period 11. Below is the most most common classes, but is not a complete list.

Period Class ADA/ADM
9 “Zero” Hour classes, CWT class, CWT Job, Independant Study Counts
10  CWT class, CWT job  Counts
11  PE Waiver, PE Excused, Strive  Does not Count