Add Behind the Wheel

Before roll-over each year, Data Specialists must enroll all driver’s education students into behind-the-wheel sections. When the schedule is being created all driver’s education students are enrolled into classroom driver’s education. Glenbard keeps track of which students are in behind-the-wheel (BTW) by maintaining a separate BTW section. If student’s decide to take BTW privately, they must notify their counselor in order to be removed from BTW. The billing for taking BTW driver’s education is based on of the student’s enrollment in the BTW course.

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, click School under Setup
  2. Click on Sections under Scheduling
  3. Find a driver’s education class.  The course numbers start with DE.
  4. Click on the course name on the left hand side to bring up a seciton list.
  5. Click on the numbers in the enrollment column to access the students enrolled in that section.
  6. Click on the button called Enroll into Different Class
  7. Type in the behind the wheel course number and section number into the Course.Section textbox in the Quick Enroll section.  A period is placed between the two numbers.  Example format: DE1111.5
  8. Click the Enroll button

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