Graduates/Non Graduates

Managing Graduates/Non-Graduates – End of school year – June

Counselors must determine which students have met the requirements to graduate and communicate this to the registrar.

The student schedule setup page in Powerschool determines which students graduate at the state level end of year process and the Powerschool end of year process.

Students, including returning and graduating seniors, must have their scheduling statuses appropriately set for the following year.  This is a responsibility of each building’s Data Specialist to be performed at year-end before state EOY and before the Powerschool roll-over process. Information regarding returning seniors will be provided by the registrar.

The following are the requirements for the returning and graduating seniors:

    1. Returning seniors next grade level must be 12 and the respective next school
  1. Graduating seniors next grade level must be 99 and next school must be “Graduated Students”
  2. Perform the following searches to find students with bad data.  All of the searches must return 0 results in order to be ready for the new year.
    Search Results
    /sched_nextyeargrade=;enroll_status in 0,-1 Active and pre-registered students that do not have a next year grade assigned
    /next_school=;enroll_status in 0,-1 Active and pre-registered students that do not have a next year school assigned
    /Sched_nextyeargrade>12;sched_nextyeargrade#99;enroll_status in 0,-1 Active and pre-registered students with invalid next year grades (Valid values are 7 – 12 & 99)
    /Sched_nextyeargrade<7;enroll_status in 0,-1
    /Sched_nextyeargrade=99;next_school#999999;enroll_status in 0,-1 Active and pre-registered students that have a next year grade of 99 and not in the Graduated Students next school
    /Sched_nextyeargrade#99;next_school=999999;enroll_status in 0,-1 Active and pre-registered students that have their next school as the Graduated Students but not in the 99 next grade 

Export grade 12 to verify graduates before EOY exit in ISBE SIS and Powerschool:


Download and open in excel. Sort by


                                                                         Graduates will sort first followed by non graduates. This will help you find students                                                                                                            that are not identified properly.

Additional PowerSchool data for Graduates/Non Graduates

The registrar page in Powerschool has additional information regarding students. This data is for internal purposes only and does not affect state reporting or Powerschool rollover. Information on this screen does not officially determine if a student has graduated.

Every year in May the IL_graduate and graduation_date fields in Powerschool are mass updated by the district IT staff for every senior student.  These fields can be found on the registrar page. After this update is it the responsibility of the school registrar to manage these fields to reflect graduates/non-graduates for the school year that is ending. These fields are on the registrar screen in PowerSchool.

regist page

The state required data for graduation is the students exit code =06 Graduation.

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