Stored Search

Stored Search is a way to save a search query. This will make it easier to find students based on the same criteria.

A stored search is a dynamic list of students.  Every time the stored search is run only the students that currently match the search will appear.  This means the list will ever be changing.  If a static list is needed please use stored selections.

How to Create a Stored Selection

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Create and test the search
    1. Type search in the search box
    2. Copy what was just typed
    3. Click the magnifier glass
    4. Review the list, if it is correct move to step three, otherwise try again from Step A
  3. Click on the word Stored Searches.
  4. Click New
  5. Enter the name
  6. Paste the search from Step 2
  7. If there are any semicolons, replace them with a new line
    • Example IL_IEP=1;Fee_status=waived turns into
  8.  Click Submit

Using a Stored Selection

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click Stored Search under Other Options
  3. Find the search, Click Run Search to the right

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