Exporting Using a Template

PowerSchool can export data for students using a set template. This is very useful for when data needs to be export the same way consistently each time such as when exporting into another system.

Exporting using a template can be used with either current selection or the entire school/district. 

How to Export using a Template

  1. Create a selection of students
    1. If exporting the the entire school/district select All from the start page
    2. Remember that during the year there are incoming students in the system as well.  These students are active and will be select if the All link is used.
  2. Select Export using template
    1. if using a selection Choose Export using Template from the drop down
    2. If there is no drop down, Select Special Functions>Importing & Exporting>Exporting Using Template
  3. Select Students from the first dropdown
  4. Select the need template
  5. Choose whether to export a single student or the current selection
  6. Open in Excel (click here for more help)