Consolidating Contacts

PowerSchool contacts work on the idea that there is one version of a contact in the system. This means many contacts need to be consolidated into a single contact. Luckily, PowerSchool has a function to consolidate contacts.

  1. Log in to PowerSchool
  2. Select Active students
  3. Click the Contact tab
  4. Uncheck Only Show Access Accounts
  5. Check Filter by Current Student Selection
  6. Select a letter
    • Looking at all the contacts at once will take a very long time to load
  7. Look through the list of contacts and find any contacts that share the same name and similar contact information
    • Please ignore all contacts that are marked Access Account
    • Increasing the number at the bottom will make it easier to review the contacts
  8. Once a duplicate contact found, Click Select by Hand
    • Checkboxes are maintained between pages
  9. Select Consolidate Contacts under the select function
  10. Select the Master. If given a choice, choose mother or father under the Students (Original Contact Type) for the master.
  11. Select Consolidate All Data
    • Keep Master Only should not be used. There is a possibility of data loss.
  12. The next screen will allow a chance to review the information before consolidating.
  13. Under students,  there may be a caution symbol indicating there is a conflict with the student details.
    1. Click the pencil
    2. Click the All tab
    3. Most conflicts can be resolved by combining all the data into the first entry and delete any other entries
  14. Review the phone numbers
    1. Deleting any duplicates
    2. Fixing any formatting issues
  15. Review the emails
    1. Deleting any duplicates
    2. Fixing any formatting issues
  16. Click Submit Consolidation

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