BrightArrow PowerSchool Integration

BrightArrow comes with the ability to make a selection in PowerSchool and call just that selection.

  1. Create the selection of students.
  2. From the drop down menu Choose BrightArrow Alerts
    PowerSchool BrightArrow
  3. Another window will open logging into BrightArrow
    1. You must have a BrightArrow login
    2. You must also allow popups in the browser you are using. Disabling Pop-up blocker
  4. Complete the call using the normal BrightArrow notification procedures.


Making a call from PowerSchool does not automatically exclude students that are marked exclude on the communication page. This is on purpose. Many times the exclude only pertains to mass phone calls, but more targeted calls for grades or discipline are okay. To exclude, please use the Advance checkbox next to the search bar and the search U_communications.exclude=1