Managed Software Center

Managed Software Center is an application to help keep your software and other applications up to date.

Managed Software Center is a tool used to install application and software updates on iMacs and MacBooks in the building that anyone can use. By using Managed Software Center, updates can be run on a regular basis throughout the school year. The available updates are tested and approved by the technicians and do not require any administrator password.

Auto Updates

Managed Software Center is configured to search for new available updates in the background. When new updates are found, the application will open automatically.


When the Managed Software Center window appears you can click the “Update all” button, or you wait until later in the day to update. Some updates require a restart to complete, which is indicated in the top bar, and next to the update that requires the restart. It is recommended to wait until the end of the day before updating if a restart is required.

Manual Updates

Managed Software Center can also be launched manually if you close the window or want to check to see if there are new updates. To launch the application manually, search for “Managed” in spotlight, or check and see if the icon is in the dock.

The search for Managed Software Center may look like either of the following screen shots depending on which version of the OSX you are running.

Managed_Software_Updates_2__Read-Only___Compatibility_Mode_ 3

Managed_Software_Updates_2__Read-Only___Compatibility_Mode_ 2

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