There are many activities tracked in PowerSchool.  We track sports, clubs, organizations, etc. through the activities in PowerSchool.  It is also particularly important to mark students in sports because activity fees are applied based on this information.

Entering Activities

When entering an activity, find the activity and click it. To “delete” or unselect the activity, find the activity and click it so the activity is not highlighted.   The hidden activities (ie. All Sports, Fall Sports, etc) will become unselected when no related activity is checked and the page is submitted.

Entering/exiting a student in an activity

To enter/exit a student choose the student and then select/deselect the activity. Hidden activities will disappear after all related activities are unselected and the page is submitted.

  1. Choose your student
  2. Go to Activities
  3. Choose the category that the activity is in
  4. Select/Deselect the activity

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