Searching Activities

The new activities cannot be searched through the normal search line. To search for activities, please go to the Activities>Search for activities on the start page

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click Activities>Search for Activities Enrollments
  3. Check the Activities
    • To find the activity fast, use the search box
    • Clicking Check All will add the currently filtered Activities to the search. It will not remove the previously check activities
    • In the top-left corner will the number of currently selected activities
  4. Check Include managers, if managers are to be included
  5. Check Include inactive, if inactive students are to be included.
  6. Select an Action
    • Add to current selection
    • Make current selection
    • Run a report
      • Eligibilty
      • Suspensions
      • Total Credit
      • Athletic Summary
      • Attendance