How to Send Report Cards Through SchoolMessenger

SchoolMessenger has the ability to send report cards to parents. PowerSchool is able to generate pdf and SchoolMessenger able to parse the PDF and create an email message for each student.

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Select the students who will be receiving report cards
  3. Choose Print Report
  4. Choose the SchoolMessenger report that will be sent
    • For Example: SchoolMessenger: Report Card S1
  5. Download the finished report
  6. Log into SchoolMessenger
  7. Click Broadcast
  8. Click SDD
  9. Click Create New Templated Document
  10. Label the Broadcast
  11. Choose the Report_card_2020 template
  12. Choose the File that was downloaded earlier
  13. Click Upload
  14. Click Send Email
  15. Choose broadcast type Report Card
  16. Fill in the mail details
  17. Click Send Now