Electronic Pay Vouchers

This project is not yet live

Electronic pay vouchers are available for certified staff only. Pay vouchers should be filled out on a regular basis and submitted weekly to ensure prompt payment. If vouchers are not submitted weekly, that is okay, however payment may be delayed.

Entering Time Transactions

When entering hours into Time Transactions, there are two options: time can be entered via a clock in/clock out feature or time can be entered after the work has been completed. Time can not be entered prior to the work.

  1. On the Employee Access screen, click the Clock In/Out tile
  2. For real time, click the In button to start the time tracking.
  3. On the next screen, select the Pay Type such as Athletic Work or Summer Curriculum.
  4. Once you have completed working, return to the Clock In/Out screen and click the Out button.
  5. For manual timesheet entry, select the day and click the Edit link on the right side.
  6. In the upper right, click Add Time Transaction. Enter in your Start Time and End Time. Select In as the Status. Then select the Pay Type such as Athletic Work or Summer Curriculum. for the hours you worked.

    Quick Tip: You can use shorthand when entering times: use a number followed by “a” or “p” and click tab to populate a full type; i.e. 5p = 5:00 PM. Note: The time cannot be later than the current time it.

Submitting Timesheets

Timesheets should be submitted weekly for prompt payment. Glenbard working weeks begin Sunday and end Saturday.

  1. On the Employee Access screen, click the Unsubmitted Timesheets tile.
  2. Open the time sheet to be submitted
  3. Review the information on the different screens on the left side of the menu.
  4. If the information is correct, return to the Unsubmitted Timesheets window and click Submit.
  5. If the information is incorrect, return to Employee Access and open Clock In/Out. Open the day that needs to be fixed and click the Edit button to manually make adjustments.