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Closing a User-Initiated Batch

From time to time, all Batches should be closed.Closing a Batch stops all transactions within the Batch and prevents more transactions from being allocated to it.

Viewing the Entry Details of a Batch

Batch Center > Batches > Select Specific Batch > View From Batches: Select the specific Batch from the list of Batches. Click the ‘View’ menu item from the side bar menu to open the...

Viewing a List of All Batches

The default setting in the ‘Batches’ window is to display a list of all Open Batches. However, the user can also view all Closed Batches or All Batches.Open Batches are denoted by ‘O’ after...

Creating a Batch

Bookkeepers need to have open batches in Acorn before recording payments, refunds, or NSF fees.