Evacuation Drill Support – East

The Data Support Specialist at East assists each month preparing documents for evacuation drills.


Group Students Location Staff
1 A – D National Univ of Health Service A – D
2 E – K Park Dist Maintenance Facility E – K
3 L – M Dist 44 Maintenance Facility L – M
4 N – Q Hammerschmidt School N – P
5 R – S Madison School R – T
6 T – Z Sunset Knoll Rec Center U – Z
7 Assisted Concessions Building Spec Staff
  1. Search all students
  2. Select List Students drop-down box
  3. Enter the following information
    Field Name Column Title
    Student_Number ID#
    Lastfirst Lastfirst
    Home_Phone Home Phone
    Parents_names Parent’s Names
  4. Grid lines box: put a check mark in it
  5. Click Submit
  6. Copy this information into an excel file
  7. Put page breaks between using the Student’s Column (see above: ie: A-D; E-K, etc.)
  8.  Change the Page Setup for Excel to match the below
    • Print Page:Portrait
    • Margins
      • Top: 1″
      • Bottom: 1″
      • Left: 1″
      • Right: 0.2″
      • Header: 0.5
      • Footer: 0.3
    • Header/Footer
      1. Click Custom Header
      2. In the center section enter
        Evacuation Drill OR Evacuation Drill – Assisted (Assisted is for Group 7)
        Current Date
    • Click Sheet
    • In Rows to repeat at top enter $1:$1

To get the Assisted Students:1st Semester:



2nd Semester:



Hole punch the report. Separate it according to the Student’s column. Give the report to either Jody Losacco (or current Dean’s secretary) or Shahe (or current APSS)

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