Period Info Object Tags

Below are object tags for period information. These tags can be used to pull specific information about a student’s classes during a particular period.Object tags can be used with a List Students, Object Reports, or Exporting data. Typically, when using list students or exporting student data, the user can only export fields from the student record. Object tags allow the user access to more information, either that the system calculates for the user or from other tables in the database like the schools table.

Instead of typing in a field name, type one of the tags below.  Include the carrot and the parenthesis:



  • In place of Expression insert period name such as 01(A).  Glenbard uses only A days.
  • In place of FieldName use one of the fields listed below.  This is the data that will output on the report.

FieldName Options:

  • Course_Name
  • Current_Percent;Q1
  • Course_Number
  • Section_Number
  • Citizenship
  • Teacher_Comment
  • Current_Grade;Q1
  • Room



The about example will output each student’s teacher for period 1.

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