Credit Searches in PowerSchool

You can search for students in PowerSchool & export data using field names but there are also built inquiries and functions in PowerSchool to assist with searches and exports.

Cumulative Credit Hours

  1. Make sure “Term = 2006-07”.
  2. Enter the following search criteria “*cumulative_credit_hours < 2”. Click on the blue button or hit enter to begin your search
  3. A list of students appears. Choose “Quick Export” from the drop box list of available functions for this group of students.
  4. Enter the following fields
    1. student_number
    2. lastfirst
    3. grade_level
  5. Your list appears

Earned Credit

  1. At the Start page in Power School chose “ALL”. This will select all your active students.
  2. On the next screen select the Quick Export function from the drop down.
  3. Enter the following field choices
    1. lastfirst
    2. student_number
    3. ^(*gpa method = “Earned Credit”)
  4. Bring this into excel.

Students with X amount of credits
Format: *cumulative_credit_hours<15
Result: Students with less than 15 credit hours on their historical grades screen

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