How to Setup Traveling Teachers

Traveling teachers now have a single set of credentials when teaching at different schools. This means that the teachers will not have to be setup differently if they are traveling.

How to setup a Traveling Teachers

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click Staff Search on the left
  3. Search for and select the staff member.
    • If the staff member is currently teacher and many schools, choose any of the results that appear
    • If there are multiple of the same teacher listed, they all go back to the same place
  4. Click on Security Settings
  5. Look for School Affiliations
    • If the school is already listed skip to step 9
    • If the school is not listed, Click Add
  6. Choose a the new school that is being added
  7. Choose teacher for Staff Status
  8. Click Add
    Choose School
  9. Now that school is listed, Check the checkbox next to the school make it active
  10. If neccessary change the the home school
    • The home school should be changed if it does properly reflect where the majority of the time is spent
    • If the time is equal between school, choose the school where the teacher would eat lunch.
  11. Click Submit at the bottom