Changing Schools – Staff

Change the school for a teacher or staff member can be done very easily by following the steps below. 

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click on Staff Search
  3. Search for the employees member’s last name
  4. If there is more then one match, Select the proper employee
  5. Click Security Settings
  6. The Teacher and Affiliations tab should be selected immediately, if not Select this tab
  7. Click the Add button on the right side, to add the new school
  8. Deactivate any school the employee is not longer a part by unchecking the Active box
    1. DO NOT delete any school that is already present
  9. Activate any new school School
  10. Change the Home School the school the employee will spend the most time.
    Changing School
  11. Click Submit
  12. If the employee does not need Admin Access the proccess is finished. Otherwise continue.
  13. Click the Admin Access and Roles tab
  14. Click Add
  15. Check the box for the new school and click Finish
    1. There currently is not need to change th role
  16. Remove any school that is no longer needed by clicking the minus symbol
  17. Click Submit