Check In – iPad

How to set up the iPad for the check in system – this should be done daily.

  1. Using the iPad that is configured to be used for check in, click this icon 
  2. Log in to PowerSchool
    • Do not use your personal PowerSchool account.
    • Do not share log in with another station
    • Use the log in specifically set up for your office
    • If the keyboard does not automatically pop up, turn off the barcode scanner and the keyboard should reappear on the screen
    • Once logged in, PowerSchool should be redirected to the setup screen.
      • If the iPad does not automatically redirect, click Check In/Out>Check In Scanning
  3. Choose which office the iPad is in.
  4. Review the bell schedule. Ensure it matches the current day’s bell schedule.
    • Change the Bell Schedule if it is incorrect, otherwise leave it as Regular.
  5. Once on the below screen, the iPad is ready to scan IDs.
  6. At the end of the day, click Sign Out
  7. Turn off iPad
  8. Turn off the scanner
  9. Charge iPad and scanner as needed

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