Hybrid Attendance – Teachers

During the hybrid learning schedule, some students will be remote and some will be in-person. Depending on which learning method is used different attendance will need to be assigned. Remote learning students will either be marked Remote Instruction (RI) or Absent (A). In-person students will be marked either Blank or Present, or Absent (A),

How to take attendance

  1. Log in to PowerTeacher
  2. Click the Chair icon for the class you will be taking attendance
  3. Mark the student attendance
    • Monday and Thursday Group B will be Remote
    • Tuesday and Friday Group A will be Remote
    • Everyone is remote on Wednesday
    • Remote only (Group E) students are remote always
    • Remote students will have to be marked present using the Remote Learning (RI) code if they are present
    • All absent students will be marked Absent (A) if absent
    • If a student is marked Temporary Remote, mark these students Remote Instruction (RI) if they are present.


The group designation will be in bold in from of the students’ names to easy identification.

Also available is the new feature that will group students by their group and enable the ability to mass fill by a group.

  1. Click the Group by Track toggle
  2. Set the attendance code
  3. Click Fill Code to mass fill an attendance code for that group