Nothing Happens When Logging into Skyward

Errors messages will appear if a Skyward account is inactive or password is invalid.  However, if nothing is happening when clicking the Sign In button on Skyward, there is most likely something on the browser itself blocking pop-ups.

Take these steps to research and resolve the issue.

  1. Try signing in on this alternative login page:
  2. If you can login to the link above but not the regular Skyward homepage, your browser is blocking pop-ups from Skyward.  You will need to fix this otherwise different areas of Skyward will NOT function; even if using the alternate login screen.
  3. Go to the regular Skyward login page:
  4. Look for signs of a blocked pop-up:
    1. On Chrome, look for a window icon with a red x at the right end of the address bar.
      1. Left-click on this icon
      2. On the menu that appears, click the radio button called Always allow pop-ups on
      3. Click the Done button
      4. Close your browser, reopen your browser and login
    2. On FireFox, look for a gold bar that appears at the top of the webpage.
      1. In the gold bar, left-click the Preferences button.
      2. Click Allows pop-ups for
      3. Close your browser, reopen your browser and login again.firefox-pop-up-blocked
    3. In Internet Explorer, look for white and yellow bar at the bottom of the page.
      1. On the bar, click the Options for this Site drop-down.
      2. Click Always Allow
      3. Close your browser, reopen your browser and login
    4. Safari is not recommended for Skyward.  Safari does not have exception management for pop-ups like other browsers.  You can turn off all pop-ups in Safari if desired:
      1. Go to the Safari > Preferences menu.
      2. Click on the Security tab
      3. Uncheck the Block-pop-up windows checkbox
      4. Close your browser, reopen your browser and login againsafari-pop-up-blocked