Supported Application Status

Here is a list of the applications that are still supported at Glenbard, and the apps that have recently had their support discontinued.

ApplicationSupport Status
Adobe AirNot Supported
Adobe Creative Cloud 2018
(Update in 2021)
End of Life
Adobe Flash PlayerNot Supported
Adobe Reader DCActive
Adobe Shockwave PlayerNot Supported
FirstClassNot Supported
Google ChromeActive
Google Drive DesktopActive
Managed Software CenterActive
Microsoft Office 2016 (PC)Active
Microsoft Office 2019 (Mac)Active
Microsoft SilverlightNot Supported
SMART Notebook
(Only with Board in use)

Active: The app is currently being updated and supported by Glenbard.

End of Life: The vendor has stopped updating the app. It may not work on future versions of Mac and Windows, and there may be security issues with the app. Staff should look for alternatives to using the app.

Not Supported: The app has reached the end of support at Glenbard. It will not be installed on computers in the future. In most cases it will also be removed from all computers currently in service.