Is your SMARTBoard screen not displaying correctly or not centered?
Here is a couple of quick SMARTBoard fixes to try yourself.

  •  Is the screen not centered?
    • Recalibrate: (Make sure the computer is on and connected to the projector.)
      1. Locate the SMARTBoard pen tray at the bottom of the SMARTBoard screen.
      2. Press the SMARTBoard tray’s “Top” and “Bottom” buttons together at the same time. This will bring up a screen with boxes containing red crosses in them.
      3. Using a SMARTBoard pen touch the center of each in the order that the screen prompts you to. (If you touch the screen around the red cross, drag your pen over to the center of the red cross, and then lift the pen up this will work as well.)
      4. When you have finished the process, write something on the SMARTBoard. If the SMARTBoard follows your finger or pen movements, the board is calibrated correctly.
  • If SMARTBoard program is not working or not projecting onto screen:
    • Verify machine is plugged in to SMARTBoard
    • Restart machine
    • Contact Tech Support at your building if the above tactics do not work
  • Software needs to be activated or is asking for a license key
    • Contact your building technicians

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