PO Requisitions Questions & Answers

This document will list questions that Technology has received regarding Skyward PO requisitions.

Where do I add shipping costs?

For shipping, add a detail line item with a description of “Shipping” and enter the shipping cost in the “Amount”.

I receive additional discounts after I give my supplier a PO number. How can I change the amounts on the purchase order?

A PO number is assigned once it is submitted for approval.  Until the requisition has been approved and printed it can still be edited.  From the “My Requisitions” menu highlight the appropriate requisition and click the “Edit” button to make changes.

To ensure that a requisition remains unprinted for the longest time, enter your requisition at the start of the day.  The business office typically approves and prints purchase orders at the end of the day, so if you enter a requisition at 8:00am that will likely give you 7 hours to receive an updated price and be able to update the amount on your requisition.

Once a requisition has been approved and printed, it cannot be updated; however, accounts payable will pay the vendor based on the invoiced amount and not the dollars listed on the purchase order.

Where can I find my Purchase Order number?

A usable PO number will not be generated until the requisition has been submitted for approval.

The PO number can be found once the requisition is submitted for approval, however remember that your requisition could be denied. The approval status (App Sts) of a requisition submitted for approval is “REQ”.

Once your requisitions is approved, it will appear under the View My Purchase Orders menu where you can also find the PO #.

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