Skyward Widgets Q & A

Do you have questions about widgets? What are they? Why do I keep seeing this pop-up message?  Read further.  We have answers.

If I Don’t See the Pop-up Message, How Do I Add a Widget?

  1. Find the Jump to Other Dashboards widget in the upper-left corner of your Skyward homepage.
  2. Click Select Widgets in the bottom-right corner of this widget.
  3. Check the box to the left of any widget name that you want to add.
  4. Click the Save button.

How Do I Remove a Widget?

  1. Move your cursor over the symbol of an arrow in a circular shape. 
  2. More buttons will appear to the left of the arrow.
  3. Click the “X” button and the widget will be removed from your homepage.

How Do I Rearrange Widgets on My Homepage?

  1. Move your cursor over the heading of a widget.  Your cursor will change into a four direction arrow.
  2. Left click and hold down the left mouse button.
  3. Move your cursor around the screen.  The widget will follow your cursor.
  4. As you drag it to different spots on the homepage, a dotted line with highlight where the widget’s new location will be based on where your cursor is at the moment.
  5. When you find a good spot, let go of the mouse button and the widget will move into the dotted rectangle.

Why Do I See a Message About Widgets Everytime I Log In?

An upgrade to Skyward software added a new optional widget that users can add to their Skyward homepages.  The message is the system attempting to notify you of the new widget and find out if you want it on your homepage.

To stop the message from appearing, click View Settings.  You can take further action, but once you click View Settings you will not see the message again unless a future upgrade provides new widgets.  To exit the settings screen, click the Backbutton.

The new widget that you could add to your account has an orange arrow that says “New”. To add the new widget to your Skyward homepage, check the box to the left of the title of the widget.  Then click the Save button.  You can always remove the widget at a later date.

What is a Widget?

In Skyward, widgets are small tools that can be added to your Skyward homepage.  They can be moved around your homepage and arranged in an order that is most helpful to you.  Except for two, all the widgets are optional.  You can remove all widgets from Skyward homepage other than “Jump to Other Dashboards” and “Jump to Other Systems”.

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