Entering Cash Receipts

Bookkeepers record cash receipts through the Skyward portal.


  1. Click on the Account Management heading at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on Cash Receipts under General Inputs.
  3. Set the filter to WIP
  4. Click the Add button in the upper-right.
  5. On the Batch Number Entry Screen:
    1. Select a Fiscal Year from the drop-down
    2. Type a Batch Number (Use Location # plus date)
    3. Type a Description (Example: Deposit – Booksotre Receipts)
  6. Click the Save button
  7. To add detail, click the Add button about half way down on the right side.
  8. Type an Account number.
  9. Type a Description for the line.
  10. Change the Date if necessary.
  11. Enter a Line Amount as a credit only (do not put a minus (-) sign in front of credits).
  12. Select a Bank Cash Account from the drop-down. Only select AP BMO Harris Bank.
  13. Select the Payment Type from the drop-down & type a Check Number if applicable.
  14. Click the Clone & No Increment button to generate another line for the same receipt.  Adjust details as necessary.
  15. Click the Clone & Increment button to begin recording the 1st line of a the next receipt.  Adjust details as necessary.
  16. When all receipts have been entered, click the Save button.  The total credits should tie to the deposit total.
  17. When finished, select the WIP batch and click the Status Change button.
  18. Change the Filter to Batch.
  19. Click the Go To Accouting Update button.
  20. Enter a batch number range and verify the posting date.
  21. Click Run Process Validation.
  22. Print the cash receipt reports.
  23. Click Update Accounting.