Bookkeeper Check Requests in Skyward

Bookkeepers will process check requests via Skyward.

Print Checks

  1. Open PaC
  2. Click Financial Management > A/P > Check Proc
  3. Click the Chk Regstr button on the right side
  4. Select a Bank Cash Account from the drop-down
  5. In the Batch Range area, enter the same low and high numbers.
  6. Set the Date to Appear on the Check
  7. Set the Accounting Date and veify the Fiscal Year
  8. Click the OK button
  9. Click OK to view the Check Register
  10. Print each report and then click Close.
  11. Click the Vouchers button to print check vouchers.
  12. Click the Print Chks button to print checks.
    1. Click the ?Options button
    2. Then click Select Printer
    3. Select a printer from the drop-down and click OK
    4. Click the Print button
  13. Click the Close button.
  14. As long as everything went OK, click Yes to “update these checks to your history account.”

Batch Update the Invoices before Printing Checks

  1. On the Invoices screen, click the Batch Upd button on the right.
  2. In the Batch Range area, enter the same low and high numbers.
  3. Verify the Fiscal year.
  4. Click the Run button
  5. Click the OK button to view the report.
  6. Review the reports and click the Close button on each report.
  7. If the reports looked good, click Yes when prompted.  If there were errors on the reports, click No and correct the invoices before Batch Updating.

Enter Individual Check Requests

  1. Open PaC
  2. Click Financial Management > A/P > Invoices
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Select a Vendor from the drop down.
  5. Type an Invoice #
  6. Type an Invoice Description
  7. Type a Batch #
  8. Type an Invoice Amount
  9. Check the Fiscal Year and Bank Cash Account.
  10. Click the Add button near the bottom right to add a GL Account
  11. Select an account and click OK
  12. Click OK on the main invoice