Mastery Manager Basics

Below is a basic guide for using Mastery Manager for logging in, creating new answer sheets, printing answer sheets, scanning sheets, and more.

How to log in

  1. To Login go to
  2. Type in your login information
    • The User Name is your Glenbard email
    • If the password is unknown use the Forgot Password? Option at the bottom
  3. Click Log in

It is vital that after the first log that the password is changed immediately. Once logged in click setup to change the password.

Guidelines for New Answer Sheets

To successfully setup Answer Sheets, please follow the guidelines below

  • All answer sheets must have a unique name across the district. Please use the following naming convention to help simplify the process and create unique names. Any assessment not using the below naming convention will be deleted.
    • For Individual sections assessments:
      Course.Teacher Last Name.Assessment.School Year
    • Example:
    • For District Wide assessments:
      District.Teacher Last Name.Assessment.School Year
    • Example:
  • Questions should be aligned to standards whenever possible (new standards can be added as necessary).
  • Mastery Manager allows teachers to create an answer sheet to go with their existing tests and then receive reports from that data. Scanning is done on plain white paper. We will run a dual system this year with Mastery Manager and scantron sheets. Next year, scantrons will be eliminated.

Printing Answer Sheets

  • For Mac Users
    • Use plain paper
    • Set page scaling to NONE or 100%
    • Uncheck options to AUTOROTATE & CENTER
  • Never copy answer sheets. All answers sheets are unique to each student, so they must always be printed or reprinted. Never copy answer sheets
  • When possible, send answer sheets to Xerox copiers for printing.
    • Always print using the two-sided option to save on toner and ink.
  • Never be stapled answer sheets
  • Create 3 extra blanks answer sheets.

Scanning Answer Sheets

  • Put sheets in Head In & Face Down, and then click any scan button.
  • Do not stop scanning or close window until all forms are showing in sent box (lower box).
  • Scanners will not leave any marks or scores on the answer sheet.
  • To give students theirs scores, you will generate a report.


  • General Assessment Reports are basic reports that do not rely on the questions being aligned to standards.
  • Learning Objective Reports – use the learning standards
  • Grades are not automatically put into PowerSchool. Grades can be exported into PowerSchool, but please make sure your list perfectly matches the PowerSchool roster. There must be blanks inserted for students who were absent.Help

Additional Help

  1. Start with your department chair or PLC leader who has received more training.
  2. Call or email Anita Ball ( x5127 @ District Office.
  3. Talk to your API and/or get an appointment with our consultant Steve Biddinger.


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