Student Password Issues

Follow the link to help your student find and/or reset their password for FirstClass, PowerSchool, Schoology, Google Drive, and their Apple ID.

Password / Default / Info Password Reset Procedure /
Additional Information
Video tutorial link
(if available)
FirstClass Student ID / Date of Birth
Ex. STDNT_ID / 722000
(No leading zeros, full year)
Only staff can reset this password using the password reset tool in the District Wide Conference First Class initial login video
PowerSchool This password is located in a FirstClass email titled ‘Powerschool / FirstClass Information’. This password is located within the inbox of the student’s FirstClass email account. This password cannot be changed and is assigned by the district. PowerSchool Student Login and App Configuration
Schoology User info is the student’s email account.

Password: Student creates his/her own password

Students must reset their password using the password reset tool within the Schoology website at Schoology Password reset part 1

Schoology Password reset part 2

Google Drive User info is the student’s email account.

Default password: Google87

The Google Apps password reset tool is located in the Student conference, Staff Conference, and District Staff Page at Google Drive login
Apple ID If a student is using the Glenbard Apple ID, this information is included on the letter they were given during deployment.

Password: is unique per student

Students were given the option of using their own Apple credentials for the iPads.

Either way they will need to use Apple’s ID password reset tool through the Apple website:

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