Getting to eForms Manager & Reviewing Your Queue

eForms Manager is Glenbard’s electronic form and workflow system.  Through eForms manager Glenbard staff can start new forms, review forms that require their action, and review and submit their Draft forms (drafts aren’t enabled for all eForms).

NOTE: EFORMS is NOT yet a district wide project.  Do not utilize this website unless your AP or district have requested you to do so.

Getting to eForms Manager

  1. If you received a link in your email requesting action a form, click the link and skip to step 3.  Otherwise, go to the eForms Manager website (
  2. Click the Login link
  3. Enter your PowerSchool credentials and click the Log In button

Reviewing Your Queue

  • On the left side is a menu under your user ID.  These are your queues.
    • The eForm Review link will load a table of eForms that need your action.
    • The eForm Drafts link will load a table of eForms that you have previously saved.  IMPORTANT: These have not been submitted and will never be seen by anyone else until you open them and Submit them.
    • The eFrom Submissions link is not a feature of the software used by Glenbard.
  • Once the eForms for your review or drafts loads, click the View button on the right side of any of the forms to open them in a second tab/window.