Configure Drop-down Notes on Absence Reasons

District can add notes to Absence Reasons that will appear in the Absence Reason drop-down when teachers are entering absences.  This is completed using the language translations function in Aesop.

  1. Hover over Reference Data and click Absence Reasons
  2. Click the pencil (edit) icon for the bucket that the reason is under.
  3. Click the Apply Changes button
  4. The last column of the reasons table has now changed to Language Defintions
  5. Click the blue View link
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. The text that is entered in English description will be exactly what displays on the teacher’s drop-down for absence reason.
  8. In the English description, type the actual name of reason.  i.e 504 Student Meeting
  9. After the actual reason, add your notes in paranthesis.
  10. Click the Apply Changes button