Approvers in Aesop

Glenbard uses a set structure for approving absences in Aesop based on absence reason type and staff member’s role.


Absence Reason 1st Level Approver 2nd Level Approver
Athletic Release Department Chair* APA
Professional Development Department Chair* API

(Excluding sick-time)

Department Chair* APO
DC Called > Parent Meeting Department Chair* APO
DC Called >

Counterpart-external, Field trip, Teacher Observation

Department Chair* API
District Meeting

(8th grade placement, counterpart-internal, curriculum writing, DWLeadership, ELL, Rising Star)

Department Chair* API
GEA Release Department Chair* APO
Principal Called

(Evaluation meeting, Instructional Council, Staff meeting)

Department Chair* API
Dean for the Day Department Chair* APSS
Special Assignment Department Chair* APO


For ELL, the API acts as the DC in Aesop

For library & instructional tech, the APO acts as the DC in Aesop

For nurses, the APSS acts as the DC in Aesop

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