Approve/Deny an Absence

DCs are responsible for the first level of approval of all teacher absences.

Second level approval responsibilities are as follows:

  • APAs: athletic releases
  • APIs: professional development, district meetings, principal called meetings
  • APOs: time-off, DC called meetings, GEA release
  1. Log into Aesop at aesoponline
  2. Click on Approve Absences
  3. The absences showing are defaulted to unapproved absences for the next month.
    1. To see absences further in the future, click the calendar icon next to End Date
    2. Select a new date
    3. Click the Submit button
  4. To view Notes from the teacher about the absence, hover your mouse over the icon to the far right.
  5. To approve or deny one or more requests, click the checkboxes of the absences that need action.
    1. Click the Approve button to approve the selected absences
    2. Click the Deny button to deny the selected absences

Note: For 2nd level approvers, the checkboxes will only appear for absences that have been approved at the first level.

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