Airplay Troubleshooting Details

For details on troubleshooting your device for Airplay click the link below.

If there was a failed connection from your device or it does not show up in the list when trying to use AirPlay, follow these steps:

  1. Toggle WiFi off and on from the iPad or iPhone (wait 30-60 seconds).
    **Make sure it joins Air Glenbard**
  2. Select Rebroadcast Services from the AirServer dropdown on the machine. (wait 30-60 seconds)

If the problem still persists:
Make sure your computer is connected via Ethernet and that WiFi is turned off (unless this is the only way the computer can get internet)
You can check this by going to the apple in the upper left corner > System Preferences > Network

If you still cannot connect your device to AirPlay then submit a WHD ticket or call your Help Desk Line. 

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