Reviewing call in AACS

This system is no longer used.  Please use BrightArrow


The automated attendance calling system (AACS) calls can be reviewed at any moment.

PowerSchool Connection to AACS

Twice a day at 10:45 and 2:45 a list of students is pulled from PowerSchool and placed into the AACS. This pull is a static point in time. Changes that made or recorded after these times will not be reflected in AACS. If there are students that should not be called but appear on the list, please change that students action to “Do not Call” as described above. As a reminder when attendance is submitted in PowerSchool it may not process immediately. It may take several minutes for PowerSchool to record the attendance. It is recommended that attendance be recorded as soon as possible in order to get the most accurate list of students.

Reviewing Past Calls

  1. Log into
  2. Once you logged in, only the appropriate school(s) will show.
  3. Click on the a call under the Sent section
  4. Choose a call to reviewCall List



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