What’s my Purchase Order’s Status?

Learn about Purchase Order status definitions.

Check the PO Status on the My Purchase Orders page

  1. Click the Purchasing menu at the top and then click View My Purchase Orders
  2. Check the column called PO Status
    1. A status of APBO means that the requisitions was approved but the PO has not yet been printed.
      1. Typically, POs only remain in a APBO status under 30 minutes.
    2. A status of APPO means that the PO has been printed.
    3. A status of HIS means that it has been closed.  This means the district was either invoiced for the PO and a check was cut to the vendor or the business office was instructed to close the PO and unencumber funds.

Check the APP Sts on the My Requisitions page

  1. Click the Purchasing menu at the top and then click My Requisitons
  2. Check the column called APP Sts
    1. A status of WIP means that the requisition has not been submitted to finance for approval.
      1. To submit it, highlight the requisition, click the Editbutton, and then click the Submit for Approval button.
    2. A status of REQ means that the requisition has been submitted to finance and is waiting for approval.
      1. Typically, finance approves requisitions nightly.

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