Student Refunds

Guidelines for issuing refunds in Rycor

  1. Determine if a refund is due and the amount. If there is an overpayment on the account, refund should be issued for that amount only. If a line item is to be refunded, for example a textbook fine paid, an edit of that amount to zero must be made before refund is issued.
  2. Review “History-Date” for original method of payment.
    1. If debit/credit card, issue refund directly to debit/credit card. Partial refund amount can be made using this method.
    2. If cash, physical check, or ACH transaction was method of payment, an Imprest check will be issued for the appropriate amount. This must also be recorded in Rycor as a “Refund-Check” transaction. Enter the payee and the Imprest check number.
  3. In all cases, a note reading the refund must be entered in the “Notes” section for that student.
  4. Note: Parents on a payment plan are not entitled to a full refund of a line item, an example again is the Textbook Fine. They did not make 100% payment of that item, only the portion that has been paid for the payments made to date. You must take this into consideration before issuing a refund.

Student Center > Find Students > Double-Click Student > Refund

From the specific Student Account:

  1. Click the Refund menu item from the side bar menu to open the ‘Issue Refund’ window.
  2. Enter method of Payment, amount of Payment and name of the person to receive the Refund.
  3. Select a Refund Batch: any open Refund Batch may be used, or Create a new Batch before proceeding.
  4. Click OK

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