Review Online Fee Waiver Applications

Fee waiver applications completed online can be reviewed by the district office through Rycor.

  1. An email will be generated each morning around 9:30 with submitted applications and a project status.
  2. In Rycor go to Online Center
  3. Find Fee Waiver Application in the bar chart and double-click the bar. Maximize your screen
  4. Filter the Q1 column to Submitted.
  5. Highlight a form
  6. Click Download Attachment under the Selected Form heading. Click Ok and choose where to download the files.
  7. Click View as PDF under the Selected Form heading.
  8. Print the application from the PDF. Then close it.
  9. Click Edit Form on the left under the Selected Form heading.
  10. Scroll down to the Administrative Status and flip it to Reviewed. Click Ok.