Parents Making Partial Payments

Parents can make partial payments through the fee portion of PowerSchool. 

IMPORTANT: Making a partial payment is not the same as enrolling into a payment plan and parents that have made partial payments will still be charged the full, non-discounted registration fee on the payment due date unless they are either on an official payment plan or paid in full.

Note: Parents are unable to choose how their payment is allocated. If parents are planning on making a partial payment because they plan to have an item removed from their student account, such as Driver’s Education, they do not need to worry that the system shows funds applying to the Driver’s Education fee.  As soon as Driver’s Education is removed from their accounts, the funds applied to driver’s education will be re-allocated to any fees with any amount due.

Provide these steps to parents in order to complete a partial payment:

  1. Click the View Cart button in the upper right corner.
  2. The cart will appear with all the items that need payment and a green box labeled Student Payment for each student in the family.
  3. The amount in the Student Payment will default to the total due.
  4. In order to make a partial payment, change the amount in the Student Payment field to be the amount that the parent wishes to pay.  (In the example below, instead of the total $473.57 I updated the Student Payment to $399.97.)         .
  5. Then click the Update Cart button.
  6. Click the Pay Now button.
  7. The system will now use the updated student payment in the cart as the amount to pay.


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