Closing a User-Initiated Batch

From time to time, all Batches should be closed.Closing a Batch stops all transactions within the Batch and prevents more transactions from being allocated to it.

Prior to closing a User-Initiated Batch, the User must confirm that:

a) All transaction activity to and from this Batch has ceased; and
b) The physical funds available in the Batch match the amount reported by the Batch total in Acorn.

Batch Center > Batches > Select Specific Batch > View > Close Batch

From the ‘View Batch Details’ window of the specific Batch:

  1. Click ‘Close Batch’ to open the ‘Close Batch’ window.
  2. Click ‘Close Batch’ to open the dialogue box, requiring confirmation of the Batch closure.
  3. Click ‘Yes’.
  4. Print the two reports automatically initiated by Acorn.
  5. Have the funds deposited to the school’s account.
  6. Post the GL transactions into the cash accounting system.


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