Athletics Fees Overview

The following is an overview of business practices associated with athletics fees.


The $150 participation fee is waived if the students Fee Status in PowerSchool is marked Waived.

PEP Grants

  • Grants will be sent to Laura who will enter them as “Payment – Other.”
  • Laura will add PEP notes to the Extended Fee Name such as “Approved for PEP.”

Change to Participation

  • Students that drop a sport still owe the $150 fee that will stay on Acorn.
  • If the APAs/secretaries determine that a student does not owe the $150, they will notify Laura who will remove the fee.


  • Refunds for athletics can only be issued when a credit is available on the account. If a family is expecting a refund and there is not a credit on the account, follow-up with Laura.

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